Moonstrider or: How I Have Two Awesome New Webcomics to Read

Friends, I am truly blessed. I have not one, but two excellent webcomics to enjoy that were made by people that I know. Do yourself a favor and check them out. My personal (and very biased opinion) is that they're some of the best on the Web, while still newcomers. Check out...

Legacy Control

This first got its start a few months back. Legacy Control features the madcap video game and pop culture adventures of two dudes and a pink rabbit. While I love Rabs to pieces, this ain't Winnie the Pooh… definitely an adult strip. Do not confuse "adult" with "mature", though. There's plenty of scatological and sexual humor. The commentary is spot on, too. I particularly enjoyed the strip on the Wii U.

The writer/illustrator/CEO is Javis Ray, a Cincinnati native who manages to find time for a thrice-a-week webcomic and plenty of Minecraft. Not to mention a full-time job, wife and two kids. Don't know how he does it… but we get to enjoy it.

Check out MWF. The website will soon get a fresh coat of paint, thanks to Wrecklaimer, the webmaster. Yours truly designed the logo. Maybe someday I'll need to update it with a ™ symbol or something… Javis is shooting for the moon with the strip. Personally, I'd like to see it get a spot on Kotaku's Sunday Comics. That would be an excellent first step toward world domination.

Unicorn Soup

I don't know that Unicorn Soup would fit in with Sunday Comics. For one thing, it's a good bit longer than most. And while I love the day-brightening one-shot strips like Legacy Control, the Soup is more gourmet… you gotta savor it. Which is appropriate, because the current schedule is weekly.

I can't say enough good things about the art and writing. It's really no surprise that it's the product of "Jim" and "Jack", two blokes I know from Xbox Live who are fine, upstanding Americans (sorry, Canadian friends). The writing really speaks to gamers' experience, and the art is right out of a serial from the '50s. It's a very classy way to approach topics in gaming.

Check out, which has some great web design, too. There are only two strips out at the moment, but fear not; Jack and Jim have many more in the can and will doubtless keep it up as long as they can.

The fact that Jim, Jack, and Javis can put out such quality work is amazing. They all have wives and kids and full-time jobs. What's your secret, guys? What drugs do I need to take to achieve your productivity?

Gentlemen, I salute you. Consider me your first and biggest fan. Keep up the good work.


  1. Our backlog of comics is quickly approaching twenty so we've got quite a lot of content coming. Rest assured The Soup will be with you for quite some time.

    Writing the comics and working with Jim has been a blast. The work is the easy part because it's fun.

    I know for me, the real challenge has been mastering all the social networking (FB/Twitter) that comes along with making a new IP. It's probably a challenge because I'm still learning to work with... and honestly like those networking tools. Although, given Anonymous's most recent threat I may only need to worry about FB until the 5th of November.

    I can't speak for Jim or Javis...but good old fashioned Catholic guilt is how I'm able to be so productive. I know every Monday Jim will be sending me our latest piece, so if I don't get at least one script to him during the course of the week my conscience kills me.

    Hooray for neurosis and crippling guilt!



  2. As a man who was raised Catholic, I hear ya! Dropped the Catholic, kept the guilt, I say. I have a hard time finishing projects unless there's someone else depending on the results. Plus, I find myself vegging out on the couch with a game of Magic 2012 often, so that doesn't help, either!